The danger, and adventure of saying ‘yes’

Inspired by the Jim Carrey movie “Yes Man,” we spent a week obliging requests, accepting invitations and being overall agreeable.

This is a fast, so rather than saying yes to everything, we refrained from saying no, ultimately producing the same results.

In the movie, Carrey’s character Carl is stuck in a rut, spending evenings home alone watching DVDs while his days entail denying loan applications. Carl attends a self-help program where he learns to say “yes” to new situations, instantly sparking an adventurous path that leads to an unexpected promotion and a new girlfriend.

In the end, Carl learns the principal of the program was to open oneself up to new ideas and situations, but not literally say yes to everything, which is nearly impossible.

Similarly, we did have one condition, we wouldn’t agree to anything that may compromise our morals. We also agreed to tell no one what we were fasting for the week, so as not to alter the course of events or be taken advantage of.

In a weeks time, we didn’t have any grandiose adventures or life-changing exploits as a result of the fast. In fact, Erin’s first test came when a waiter asked if she wanted dessert, which only led to being overfed.

Both Melody and Erin did encounter situations in which, after a long day of work, or exhausted from holiday shopping, we may otherwise would have declined an invitation to hang out with friends.

All too often people reject invitations because, “I have to work tomorrow.” We knew the risk of exhaustion but asked ourselves, “what memories were ever created being responsible and getting a good nights sleep?”

One such night, Melody and Erin bundled up with friends in hopes of being one of the lucky fans to see Cake play at the Blue Lamp in Sacramento. We waited outside for more than an hour while the bouncer’s continuously denied us access. Despite Melody’s best efforts to coerce management, we never did make it inside.

But the night was not a total bust. We met some new friends while waiting in line, and had fun playing games and drinking wine at Melody’s house.

As Melody said, “This night should go down in the memory books.”

The week was a good reminder to veer away from the mundane, and when in doubt, say yes.


Author: forevermelody

Melody grew up all over the planet, spending time in Mongolia, Malta, Barbados and California. She now resides in Reno Nevada and works at the Reynolds School of Journalism.

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