‘Ode to cheese

Since last Wednesday at noon no dairy has entered my system.

No butter, no milk. Those two things have manageable substitutes, but nothing I’ve found comes close to the glory that is cheese.

I miss the way it melts over sauce and bread, I miss way it sits on a piece of apple and a cracker. I love how it’s always the last thing in my fridge before I go shopping again – yeah, there’s a little mold to shave off, but it’s still good.

I love the versatility, the varieties, the texture, the smell (well, sometimes), I love how adding cheese to anything makes it better.

My pasta, my pizza, my sandwiches, my bagels, my everything – misses cheese.


Author: forevermelody

Melody grew up all over the planet, spending time in Mongolia, Malta, Barbados and California. She now resides in Reno Nevada and works at the Reynolds School of Journalism.

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